Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yes, I'm Still Alive!

Assalamualaikum and epy saturday...
So long not update this blog.
Bukannya hilang idea, takde cerita yang nak di story mory,

mY laptop da kena curi...waaa not too sdey but
feel sumting like kehilangan jugak ler.
Udahla itu laptop my mom.

For a while no more blogging
no more blogwalking,
no more fb & chatting.

Ini pun curi2 pkai ofis punya (kantoi kan, takpela da lepas ofis hour pun)
To all my follower or anyone yang selalu jenguk2 blog ni
Itupun kalo ada la kan..

Just to inform you all
mY blog & i still alive..
Bilakah agaknya dapat blogging macam dulu lagi
Missing everything about blog and each one dat connect with this blog.

sElamat hAri rAya :).


Ada Abdullah said...

awak..selamat hari rayee...
oo..patut la lama x update..lappy kna curi upanya..camane jadi camtu tu??ciannya...

Anonymous said...

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Hi guys, Assalamulaikum.. Lama tak update blog. Singgah lalu je. Sejak wujud macam-macam media sosial sekarang ni macam instagram se...