Dead Cat for Zoey

"We are running for a fan-based petition, and striving for
5000 fans benchmark, so that I would publish this book by myself. So
, the thing here is, I finish the book but none of the publishers in Malaysia wants to publish it because of two things: First, it is written in ENGLISH, second, they are afraid that ENGLISH fiction would not sell in Malaysians market, though we aware that books like Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and Dan Brown's Lost Symbol, Da Vinci Code etc, always made the bestselling. (I know, these are very influential authors, but there is no harm of trying)..."

Actually, the author of this book is my  ex- schoolmate Azrin, dayun juz nak tolong promote dia punnya buku ni... kalo korang baca statement kat atas tu mesti korang tahu apa yg kawan dayun tu nak kita buat sebenarnya kan...  so, kalo korang rasa ingin menolong, take ur time login to fb n become a fan of Dead Cat of Zoey... x pun leh view diz blog k for more info:                                                     

diz not the real cover of the book

First, you should know upfront, that this is not a love story. It is a story of boy meets girl. The boy, Arin, grew up listening to many sad pop and indie rock songs from The BeatlesThe Smiths and mostly,Death Cab for Cutie. The girl, Zoey, on the other hand, is an all-natural, barefooting-to-everywhere, and goofy type of girl, but they both share one thing in common - Passion.

While feeding his wild side of imaginations with his anti-depressant drugs, Arin met Zoey in a strange meeting on a cliff, a place where an accident took place that snatched away the lives of her multi-millionaire American parents. Under the cloudless sky, this is where all the adventure begins - singing in Cameron tea plantation, tiptoeing in Putrajaya bridge, making fun of a gibbon in Bukit Merah - as they professed that 'Life is it or leave it'.

Twelve songs in one infinite playlist Arin - a dropout, smart but confused and hopelessly romantic, eventually found small but resilient sound of hopes for his Future Plans, with the help from Zoey.


::FAIZ FARISH:: said…
nak, pakcik ni tak reti baca omputeh, boleh terjemahkan, maklumla dulu sekolah pondok aje....
da[Y]un said…
kita p kedai buku lu beli kamus yea pakcik...

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